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Mimeograph Art Poster: Use Your Voice Shorthand

Mimeograph Art Poster: Use Your Voice Shorthand

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The black symbols on the art poster represent the phrase "Use Your Voice." They are based on the language of Shorthand, which was used in the Mid-Twentieth Century workplace. Secretaries would use the symbols from Shorthand to take dictation from "the boss" to create formal business documents, like memos and reports. 

And, of course, a typewriter was used to create those business documents. So, the words shown on this art print were created using the same process. A vintage Olivetti typewriter produces the lovely inconsistencies in the letter forms you see!

Once the shorthand and words were created, the art poster (12 x 18 inches) was printed by hand using a mimeograph process. Mimeographs were used throughout the Mid-Twentieth Century office to create duplicate copies. As a result, these art posters each have a uniqueness of their own. Whether it's the way the ink adheres to the paper when printed or how each one dries, they will provide you with a one-of-a-kind product. Make your workspace as unique as you are!

Please note: No frame included.

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