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Hectograph Ticket Notebook: The Writer’s Pocket Secretary

Hectograph Ticket Notebook: The Writer’s Pocket Secretary

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This product, The Writer’s Pocket Secretary, has been in development since a vintage notebook was found in a long-shuttered general store. Inspired by the idea, this version of it uses a hectograph printing process. For those of you who follow Water Cooler Press, you know that hectographs are the precursor to the more well-known Mid-Century invention of Ditto machines. As a result, each cover of The Writer’s Pocket Secretary hearkens back to a time when violet-colored copies dominated.

Due to the unique printing process, each one displays a varying amount of the aniline dye that creates either a darker or lighter violet color. While it won’t have the familiar smell of Ditto copies (the chemical that produced that odor was toxic!), each one comes with 30 sheets that have three perforated stubs. That equals 90 different opportunities to take down some notes!

The Writer’s Pocket Secretary is small enough to fit into a pocket (2.75” in width and 4.5” in length) and has a heavy-duty back so you can write notes confidently. Also, each page of the notebook includes tickets, or in other words, three perforated stubs that can be easily torn out. Go “Old School” this fall and grab your own from the link in the bio!  

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